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Bilingual Service Reaches Local Hispanic Community

Did you know that Jesus’ native tongue was not English? Because we live in a primarily English speaking country, we have a tendency to forget that Jesus spoke in Aramaic. If we were transported back to Israel during the time of Christ, we would struggle to understand his teachings. How frustrating that might be. That is what is like for a significant portion of the population of our community. Sunday sermons are primarily in English. If English is not your native language the sermons can be hard to understand.

The Lincoln City Church of Christ is making strides to bridge this communication gap. Ben Baker, the bilingual preacher with the church, has a desire to bring the community together and not allow language to be a barrier to sharing the love of Christ.

On November 24, Baker gave a bilingual sermon to the church. The topic, fittingly, was unity. Watch as Baker shifts almost seamlessly between English and Spanish, while bringing the Word of God to everyone. For the time being plan is to have a bilingual service on the last Sunday morning of every month. The service, as always, is open to everyone.

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Jason Love
Jason Lovehttp://www.esterlee.com
Jason Love is a long-time Lincoln City resident. He graduated from Oregon State University and went to grad school at George Fox University. He is a local business owner who loves to learn and experience new things.


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