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A Disease Worse Than the Coronavirus

There’s a disease worse than the coronavirus in the world and it’s an even bigger plague.

It’s a fever carried in the soul. This disease is selfishness and greed and It’s driven by fear.

Blinded by the hype of media, those infected are plunging neighbors, friends and society into the dark ages. People are having to return to the days of rags — yes, rags.

As seniors we can’t go to the store and get simple things like toilet paper, rice and oatmeal  because this fever and disease are worse than any illness known to mankind.

Young mothers who have children in the house are having to fight and struggle without all because of selfishness, greed and fear.

If you are a Christian and you have been plagued by this fever, it’s time to seek healing. Ask for forgiveness, repent and help those in need. If you don’t turn away from it, it will consume you and eat you up.

Fear comes from the pit of hell.

Where does your help come from? My help comes from the Lord. Our focus should be on trusting in the Lord, having faith in his word, resting on him.

I’m sure some won’t like this post, that’s fine, but some truths are hard to take. Self-evaluation is a must in this Christian walk.

Get out there and help others that are without, because of the senselessness of the spirit of fear that has consumed the heart and mind of many. Find out who in your church needs things and give, out of your abundance.


  1. Well said. In the 2nd C Christians were known for entering towns devastated by plague to care for the sick as the pagans ran for cover.
    Great article Katherine!

    • Thanks CARY! I didn’t realize that about 2nd C Christians. Sad to see the incredible change through the centuries. From a Holy boldness to fear stricken. Well, ya never know what Gods making in his people, amen!

  2. No reason to “not like” your commentary when there is honesty in what you express. Christians are called to be “strong and courageous,” not amped up and anxious, or fearful and projecting. The C-virus affects everyone but not in exactly the same way. But God. He stays the same, His Word never changes. The spirit of the Lord is for now; let God be the God of tomorrow. The C-virus? Don’t just go through it; learn, and take something from it; stop! Check out what Joshua 3:15 says when the priests were carrying the ark of the covenant; these messages are also for today! God is for us now!


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