Adding Events

  1. Log in to the website using the  button at the bottom of Church News.
  2. Look to the left vertical menu and hover your mouse on Events and click on Add Event from the fly-out menu.
  3. Welcome to the Add New Event Page. Here you will add a title, enter event information, select a category, pick a color, set the time and date and set a featured image.
  4. Add a title. Choose “Christmas Bazaar” rather than “St. Peter Lutheran Church Bazaar” as the place will be displayed underneath the title on the event.
  5. Describe your event in the big box. What is it? Why are you having it? Who can come?
  6. Scroll down the page and enter the date and time for your event. Don’t know when it will be over? Select the “Hide end time from calendar” option. If this event will repeat every week, month or year, select “Repeating Event.”
  7. Now you need to complete the Location and Venue section. Select from the list or create a new location. Once a location has been entered once, it will always be in the system. If adding a new location, you only need to fill out “Location Name” (Faith Baptist) and “Location Address,” but filling out additional fields will be given extra credit.
  8. Have a link about this event on your website? Add it under the “Learn more about this event” section. If you don’t, skip this.
  9. Select a category. Don’t worry about “event type 2 categories,” we don’t use them.
  10. Pick a color.
  11. Publish your event. Everyone can now see your event, get directions to it and save it in their calendars! Nice work.