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And It Stoned Me…

This song came on the radio in my truck yesterday. I love how songs you have listened to many, many times can suddenly become so much more meaningful when the time is right. Van Morrison’s music has been an important part of my spiritual journey in Christ. I have always felt a connection to his songs, especially the mellow vibe of the classic, And It Stoned Me, and that connection was reinforced as I listened to the progression of the verses.

“Oh, the water. Hope it don’t rain all day.”

In the first verse it is raining and Van and his friend, Billy, are wanting to go fishing. They have their gear on, getting soaked, and are just waiting for it to stop raining.

“Oh, the water. Let it run all over me.”

In verse two the sun comes out and the boys hitch a ride to the swimming hole where they right jumped in, fishing gear and all.

“O, the water. Get it myself from the mountain stream.”

Finally, in verse three, they are singing on their way home when they become thirsty. They see a neighbor across the street “with the sunshine in his eyes,” He offers them fresh water that he bottles himself from the mountain stream.

A simple song, but the Living Water has been on my mind lately, so I made the following application. At first, the water was a annoyance. They hoped it would go away so they could go ahead with their plans. Once they were immersed in the water they became aware of its refreshing qualities. Finally, once the water was inside them, they were completely refreshed and renewed.

Isn’t that how the Living Water is for us sometimes? When we are dead set on our own plans, Christ can appear to be an obstacle and we just want Him gone. When we recognize how refreshing it is to just come as we are and immerse ourselves in Him, we are filled with pure joy and can’t get enough of Him. And then once we have been transformed, He is inside us and we just can’t help but share Him with others because He just flows out of us in all that we do.

“And it stoned me to my soul,

Stoned me just like going home.

And it stoned me.”

And it doesn’t matter to me what Van intended the song to be about (drugs, moonshine, a woman, etc.), the beauty of music is in its interpretation by the listener. It was a spiritual experience for me because of my life history – an experience I shall not soon forget.

Grace and peace.

Jason Love
Jason Lovehttp://www.esterlee.com
Jason Love is a long-time Lincoln City resident. He graduated from Oregon State University and went to grad school at George Fox University. He is a local business owner who loves to learn and experience new things.


  1. Beautiful interpretation of a song Jason. I always appreciate when others tell me why a song is important to them as it makes me listen closer. We know that the Living Water is available to all who will drink.


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