Reflecting the Life of Christ in Our Worship in Lent

The forty days before Easter season of Lent is rapidly approaching. Many who participate in Lent act to reflect the life of Christ in their own worship life.

Jewish Jesus

At Christmastime we enjoyed the familiar Scriptures prophesizing the birth of Jesus. Among the most well-known is Isaiah 9:6-7 which begins: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given….”

A Fleshed Reality

The Christian church has always struggled to understand Jesus. You could say it is the only thing with which we have struggled.
Kelli and George

Every Pastor Needs a George

My first week as pastor of the Lincoln City Church of the Nazarene, George and Myrna took me out to lunch and George said,...

Homeless are like Dandelions

In society, most people view a dandelion, as an ugly weed. Something quickly discarded from our yards and our lawns. A closer look will...

The blessings of Advent

This is the time that you will see many churches changing their altar paraments from green to blue and the Advent wreath come out of storage and placed in a prominent area in the sanctuary.

Great Trips I’ve Had

As a youth I sailed the seven seas. Stood on the forward deck faced the stormy breeze. Seen the black forest and the blue Danube. In the...

The Mighty Sea

On horizon’s misty vista the coming storm’s pave Raw power surging with the swell of each wave As the heavens cry out in torrents of angry...

Who Isn’t For Civil Rights?

Shortly after the Supreme Court handed down its decision on June 27, 2015 redefining marriage I noticed that many of my younger friends on...