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Christian Alliance forming in Lincoln City

Leaders of the Christian community came together Thursday to discuss the formation of the newly named Lincoln City Christian Alliance (LCCA), an association of churches whose concern will be the safety and well-being of local residents.

Churches are already the first line of defense for people in need, addressing homelessness, drug use and other community issues.

According to a document circulated at the meeting, the reason LCCA is being formed is to “give pastors who are at ground zero for those in need a voice in directing the City of Lincoln City’s goodwill efforts.”

With a focus on benevolence, alliance members will meet once a week at the iconic Lil Sambos Restaurant, 3262 Highway 101, to identify and discuss issues facing Lincoln City, such as homelessness, and approach the city council after solutions are voted on.

Initial plans proposed at the alliance meeting included:

  • A resource center made available to those in need from any city, state or province.
  • Available resources, such as food, housing, gas money and showers.
  • A Department of Resources to cut down on fraud and duplication.

Christian leaders from the existing North Lincoln Ministerial Association were at the meeting and listened and gave feedback on the newly proposed group.

“What we are talking about here today can change the trajectory for tomorrow,” a Christian attending the meeting said.

LCCA will draw up bylaws this week, giving the newly formed alliance direction and purpose.

Attendees viewed the meeting as a success and would be back for the next one, Tuesday at noon, with all pastors welcome.

Justin Werner
Justin Wernerhttps://lincolncityhomepage.com
Justin lives in Lincoln City and is publisher for local news company Lincoln City Homepage. He's a member of The Society of Professional Journalists.


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