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Crowded beaches yield no Covid-19 consequences for Lincoln City

On March 23 Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12 shutting down beach access and State parks immediately after spring breakers swarmed the Oregon coast. 

Governor Brown stated:

”I started by asking Oregonians to stay at home and practice social distancing. Instead thousands crowded our beaches and our coastal communities. …Potentially spreading Covid-19 and endangering the lives of others across the state. Now I’m ordering it.”

To date there have been no Covid-19 fatalities recorded in any coastal community however, Brown continues to rely on social distancing as her sole Policy measure to combat the Virus.
Furthermore, worldometer.com, a site which tracks Covid-19 statistics reveal social distancing might slow the rate of infection but fatalities have more to do with the demographic make up of a Country or State.

In Europe, Sweden is the only country rejecting strict social distancing policies asking at-risk citizens to self-isolate yet leaving businesses open and it’s economy intact. In spite of these relaxed measures, Sweden’s fatalities per million remains twice as low as France, a country in total lockdown. What statistics in Europe reveal is a link between high Covid-19 fatalities and countries with large at-risk populations such as Italy.

This scenario is playing out in the U.S. as well. If you look at the grim Covid-19 fatality map it is dotted with “hot-spots” amidst vast areas of little impact. Hot spots being clusters of our at-risk population. One example is in Yamhill County where all six Covid-19  fatalities occurred in one building, a nursing home in Newberg.       All were over 80. In Multnomah county over half of the county-wide fatalities occurred in one nursing home as well. 

What we now understand is that Covid-19 is highly contagious, less virulent among the healthy, yet deadly to our at-risk population.

Governor Brown’s policies should reflect this, practicing vigilance protecting at-risk Oregonians until a treatment is available. In the meantime like Sweden, let’s keep our economy intact.

Cary Moore
Cary Moorehttps://lilsambos.com
Cary is Executive Editor of Lincoln City Church News. Cary graduated from Pepperdine University and his favorite part of the week is Friday morning where he and father George Moore host a Christian men's breakfast at Lil Sambos.


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