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Dear Aunt Betty, Closing Churches keeps us safe?

Dear Aunt Betty,                                                                                                         So you think Governor Brown closed the Churches to keep us safe?

Then let me ask you this. How are folks standing six feet from a Walmart shopper safe, but not safe when six feet from a believer at Church? 

So was Gov Browns Church ban due to a “health Issue”?

Clearly not. Essentiality is the issue.                                                                       

What has happened is our Governor has declared Church assemblies illegal because she considers Church gatherings “not essential.” Walmart, pot dispensaries and liquor stores? All essential. The Body of Christ? Not essential. And make no mistake, Christian compliance is a message to the world that our Governors assessment of Christs Church is correct. 

Did I miss the passage that goes “Forsake not the fellowship unless you’re worried about your health?

Yes, I am aware of those choir members who became sick after attending practice,       your point is well taken. You could also include that Louisiana Pastor who held service in violation of the law and then died of the virus. But your missing the point. Those believers never claimed there was no risk. What they believed was assembling to worship Christ was WORTH the risk.

Whereas you believe it is not.

And I agree with them. Can you imagine those parishioner standing before God? Would God say, “what were you people thinking risking your health?”


“Enter my good and faithful servant.”

Pick one.

Love you, Cary

Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?

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