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Dear Aunt Betty, You can’t be the Body of Christ from behind a screen

Dear Aunt Betty, I’m glad you enjoy your cyber worship with Dr Jeremiah but I think where we might differ is on what the Church “is”.

I believe Jesus intended his Church to be a “body.” The Church is the place where people learn to live in community. That’s why Paul asks, “can the eye say to the hand, I don’t need you?”

According to those who worship from behind screens the answer is yes.

From behind a screen one never has to bother with loving that difficult brother or sister, like me. All you need to do is “feel” you’ve grown spiritually and call it a day.

You, I and most everyone we have loved grew up in the Church community. This community — except for a few mega churches — is disappearing. Your Dr. Jeremiah is part of this trend towards isolation.

Think about it, 80,000 sitting behind screens not having to bother loving a real person. This is the illusion of community…like Facebook..”Cyber reality” not Christs body. And what should really send a shiver down your spine is the fact that the powers lined up against Christ are fine with your “Cyber worship.” It seems worshiping from behind screens is no threat to them.

These are just my thoughts and if it makes you feel any better very few Christians here in LC agree with me. Just like you, most of them are having cyber church and calling it a day.

Love you, Cary

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