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Great Trips I’ve Had

As a youth I sailed the seven seas.
Stood on the forward deck faced the stormy breeze.
Seen the black forest and the blue Danube.
In the highest Alps I strolled with Ruth
I must include.

At the foot of the Himalayas, had a picnic lunch.
I’ve been to Hong Kong over 50 times
Walked the China wall.
But the trip I took the other night was the greatest flight of all.

I flew down seven steps upstairs
with uncontrolled landing
Lay helpless with absolutely no understanding.
An angel named Gen suddenly appeared telling me not to move.
But the next trip was not even that smooth.

Ambulance received the unexpected call.
They were not ready to come. Not at all.
I surmise they were fixing flats, but then my memory dims.
But I am certain, they came on their rims.
Instead of a gurney they grabbed a surfing board.
It felt like a ride in a model T Ford.
I know it’s not easy to miss every hole in the road, but they hit them all.
My advice next time just don’t fall.

George Moore

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