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Oregon drops on list of covid-19 infected states yet church doors remain locked

Governor Brown’s executive order 20-12 criminalizing church assemblies continue to remain in effect while Oregon drops below two more states affected by covid-19.

Oregon is listed at 19th, behind 33 States according to worldmeter.info, a site which tracks the number of covid-19 tests, infections, fatalities and more. As of April 7th the total number of Oregonians infected is listed at 1181. Yet, since only 23,000 out of 4 million Oregonians (5,636 tests per million) have been given the test, this number seems unlikely to be accurate.

What is accurate unfortunately is the number of Oregon fatalities which stand as of April 7th at 33, (8 per million). By comparison N.Y. fatalities stand at 280 deaths per million.

While this current health crisis has taken the lives of 33 Oregonians and has not yet run its course in 2019 estimates are there were over 150 influenza related fatalities in Oregon, yet no businesses were closed.

In 2018, 506 Oregonians were tragically killed in traffic accidents, yet we all still drive.

In 2009 over 12,500 Americans died from the highly contagious H1N1 “Swine flu” for which there was no cure. No one seemed to notice.

We were originally told this epidemic was different because of its infectious nature. We needed to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed, arguments any reasonable person would accept.

Fair enough, but hospitals have not been overwhelmed, beds and ICUs remain at the ready. Ventilators once considered “life saving” medical equipment are being shipped out of state by order of Governor Brown stating Oregon is no longer “on the front lines”.

So if Oregon is no longer “on the front lines”, why the draconian measures crippling our economy and restricting our constitutional right to worship with no announced end in sight?

Christians across this state and nation are beginning to push back. Some are now in jail.

Cary Moore
Cary Moorehttps://lilsambos.com
Cary is Executive Editor of Lincoln City Church News. Cary graduated from Pepperdine University and his favorite part of the week is Friday morning where he and father George Moore host a Christian men's breakfast at Lil Sambos.


  1. Thank you for sending this, Cary. We are definitely living a historic time.

    You and Ruth have been in my thoughts and prayers because of seeing George off on his journey Home. I picture him praising God and and discussing the wonders of Paradise with Dan and with other people he loves that he hasn’t seen in awhile. I know that his absence leaves a big hole for you, but what a heritage of faith he has left in your heart! Be sure and let me know when you’re able to reschedule his memorial. I had planned to go to the first one, but rescheduling it was the right call. God bless you during this upheaval in the restaurant business, too! It’s important to remind one another that God is still in control, and He won’t let us down.

  2. Hi, with George’s passing, maybe gary can update his introduction.

    Every time I read it, it saddens me. George is missed.


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