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Oregon no longer ‘on the front lines’ as Governor ships out 140 ventilators

Oregon is no longer “on the front lines,” yet the Church assembly ban continues.

On march 23, Governor Kate Brown issued executive order 20-12 criminalizing social distancing non compliance stating, “(This) order is designed to flatten the curve over the coming weeks, preserving scarce hospital space and equipment.”

Brown in effect banned church services statewide

Twelve days later on April 4, at 8 a.m., Governor Brown tweeted:                                      

New York needs more ventilators, and we are answering their call for help. We’ll be sending 140 ventilators to help NY because Oregon is in a better position right now. We must do all that we can to help those on the front lines of this response.

This leaves four million Oregonians with only 762 respirators. 

Some basic math reveals — using the statistics laid out by Dr Fauci director of the NIAID — if the number of ventilators remaining in Oregon is 762, this suggests Governor Brown and state health authorities are estimating less than 8,000 Oregonians will contract the Corona Virus resulting in less than 90 fatal cases. By comparison, less than half of this years Washington state flu fatalities.

If Oregon is no longer on the “front lines,” why has Brown cancelled Easter? 

Cary Moore
Cary Moorehttps://lilsambos.com
Cary is Executive Editor of Lincoln City Church News. Cary graduated from Pepperdine University and his favorite part of the week is Friday morning where he and father George Moore host a Christian men's breakfast at Lil Sambos.


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