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Oregon Pastors protest Church lockdown

I googled this in my search engine because I wanted to do a story to uplift the Church here in Lincoln City. Unfortunately I found nothing. So I guess a better headline might read “Pastors throughout Oregon readily accept Church lockdown”.
Pastors of Oregon, here’s what’s wrong with your response; Governor Brown has declared the Church assembly as “Nonessential” and it appears you agree.
Here is why church assembly is essential; The Greek word for Church is (now wait for it)… Ekklesia.
Ekklesia MEANS assembly (like Pastors don’t know this). If you don’t assemble you aren’t the Church. Skyping and facebook are not the body of Christ. Fellowship is physical, not electronic and we are told by Paul not to forsake it. First century Christians understood this and met at risk to life and limb.
Fortunately, a handful of Pastors across this nation share this spirit and are standing up to the state courting fines and arrest. One Virginia Pastor who defied the ban lost his life to the virus.
Despite the media portrayal these are not reckless men with no regard for the health of their (at risk) members. Their assembly’s require more safety protocol than required to enter Ace or BiMart. These Pastors and parishioners are in fact preaching a message to the world that the body of Christ IS essential. They refuse to stand down. They accept what this world will do to them or say about them. They are willing to be mocked, criticized and imprisoned. They believe the Church is under attack and it is their opportunity to be faithful to Christ in both word and deed.

I know most of the Pastors in Lincoln City and they are dedicated believers and I am sure throughout Oregon there are many quietly refusing to comply. I know of at least one in Lincoln City. And many believers are refusing to comply as well. This last Sunday Christians met to celebrate Easter. We did so in secret spreading the invitation by word of mouth only, so as not to alert the authorities.
Welcome to America 2020.

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Church News Staff
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  1. To equate religious persecution with action to preserve life and safety is an irresponsible tact. No person in executive power is declaring a war on faith. Practising one’s faith does not rely upon public gatherings, nor is it bolstered by whining about good intentioned safety measures.

    I am stunned when Believers choose insignificant issues to become worked up about. This has nothing to do with faith…more to do with selfishness and reactionism. If Believers wish to protest 2nd Ammendment breaches, go park your car at the beach and protest not being allowed to use a tax supported public space, but please, don’t slap a Jesus poster on it to somehow make it a lofty or spiritual issue.

    Better yet, if one needs to feel the need to protest, protest about the lack of Jesus’ example in our White House, against our hidden prejudices, against our lack of compassion toward issues that do not directly affect us. Use the faith that lies within to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, to be instruments of peace in this world rather than striving for military might, to practice love for your neighbor…regardless of lifestyle, ethnicity or religious identity.

    Please look at this protest…is it really about faith? Or is it about selfishness? Jesus said that there will come a day when worship will not be in temples made of stone, but in spirit and in truth. Perhaps this is a time of restrospect, rather than rebellion, for Believers to do just that.


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Oregon Pastors protest Church lockdown

I googled this in my search engine because I wanted to do a story to uplift the Church here in Lincoln City. Unfortunately I...