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What’s Trump to you? 

Trump has Americans a bit off balance. Like when my wife rearranged the cupboards. Thirteen years later I still reach for my favorite bowl in the wrong place. Trump feels like that — he’s rearranged America’s cupboard. Or maybe a better metaphor is a car. 

America is the car and Trump is the guy driving it. What you think of him depends on which direction you believe the car should be going.

Traditional Christians give Trump a pass because he’s the guy who managed to get the car turned around. True he’s not dressed like their normal driver and true he seems to have a touch of road rage. And true he can’t help swerving when he tweets but who cares?         To them he’s going the right way.

Progressive passengers are easy to spot, their hair is on fire. “Their car” has been jacked by a criminal who just bopped a u-ey and is going the wrong way. They are progressives no longer progressing. For this they need the state and their deep blue destination is disappearing in rear view. “Nothing” could be worse. 

Some passengers aren’t saying much, they’re just happy for the ride to work.

So where would Jesus be? Would he be impressed, horrified or just offended by the driver? What of the direction? Would he at first chance jump out? My guess is none of the above. Reason being: 

America is not his car. Doesn’t need it. Jesus moves about this world through his Church.

And as for direction, although at times it is unclear his passengers don’t seem to mind. They are confident their driver knows where he’s going.

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Cary Moore
Cary Moorehttps://lilsambos.com
Cary is Executive Editor of Lincoln City Church News. Cary graduated from Pepperdine University and his favorite part of the week is Friday morning where he and father George Moore host a Christian men's breakfast at Lil Sambos.


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